What do YOU Think – Games Retail

3 Sep

Obviously one of the reasons for this little blog is to find out what Gamers want and what they think of the industry as a whole. Every now and then a question will arise that needs answering by YOU the Gamer. We’ll be tackling these questions over on Twitter, as 140 characters is a lovely way of being concise in your opinion.

The question this time was how Gamers felt about the current retail model set by high street stores and how they felt about the used game market. A reasonably hot topic, to be sure, but also one that can sometimes divide opinion. Below you can see every tweet we received and please feel free to add to the response in our comments section below, even if you were one of the original Tweeters.

@larserikdahle – The GameStop business model is exploitative and outdated and will cease to be profitable when downloads take over.

@GregGiddens – Availability problem. A decreasing amount of new games on shelves but loads of preowned marked up to profit the store only.

@BenBudr – The used game arguments confuse me. I’m supposed to choose between feeling sorry for the retail chain or the publishing giant?

@Wanyal – If prices drop quickly after releases, why not drop the standard retail price so people wont trade in as much to buy games new?

@Sogeman – @Wanyal Indeed, make the new Price f.e. 45€ instead of the 60€ it’s now. People won’t sell them if they get nearly nothing.

@bradgallaway – The industry’s business models are outdated and broken, and it’s easier to scapegoat and squeeze the player than effect real change.

@Thiefofhearts – People have every right to sell or loan their property without artificial “hobbles” or damage set by the maker.

@SilentHitoshura – Buying and trading is ofcourse totally fine, however nation chain stores basing their entire business off it is damaging and unfair.

@DarthMazda – I only buy day1 if it is something I LOVE/Must Play. Other than that I wait for price drop / used sale. Not enough $ to buy it all new.

@PeterSkerritt – IMO, used games are a part of the video game economy and do contribute to new game sales in a variety of ways. The reaction of the industry to get rid of used games or punish consumers is a knee-jerk reaction to poor economic conditions and some fiscal irresponsibility. Bottom line: If we’ve been fine with used for 30 years, why is it bad now? Oh, wait. IT ISN’T. (Peter Used more than 140 Chars as he hadn’t seen that requirement – Ed)

@sleepinghypatia – A strong second-hand games market is positive. But will it disappear as we move away from physical media towards digital downloads?

@DaxHalo – RRP needs to fall, but supermarket prices stop. Publishers to stop whining about used sales & piracy. Instead focus on worthwhile DLC.

Now let’s break off the shackles of 140 characters and open it up to everyone else. Seen a tweet you don’t agree with? Got your own opinion on the state of retail and the used game trend? Let us know in the comments below.


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